What's In a SYNPRACTIC Campaign?

  • Social Media Posts

  • Emails and Newsletters

  • Text Messaging

  • Event Registration and Landing Pages

  • Digital and Print files (Flyers, cards)

  • Presentations and Scripts (for events)

Our marketing campaigns come complete with an assortment of ready to use materials, automatically customized with your information and engaging marketing copy. Keep as-is or customize however you prefer. Depending on the type of campaign it will include some or all of the following:

Landing Page

Marketing campaigns need to drive potential customers somewhere. Landing pages (also known as leadpages) are where people can opt-in to your newsletter, register for events, or get more information about your services.

SYNPRACTIC automatically creates these pages and features relevant information about your business, buttons to sign up, links to share information, and even a map the event location if relevant.


Social Media Posts

An online presence is one of the most important ways to attract and educate new and existing customers. We have dedicated social media campaigns, or social media posts that drive and educate customers to other types of events.

All SYNPRACTIC social images are designed with engaging copy, customized with your business logo or picture. These are automatically scheduled out to post at regular intervals depending on the type of campaign.


Digital/Print Assets

SYNPRACTIC provides several types of digital and print materials, including flyers to share with your community, large posters for your office, save-the-date cards to hand out, and social media banners to update your social profiles. We also offer advertising images to post online or with local media.

All SYNPRACTIC materials are automatically updated with relevant business and event registration information, some including a headshot or logo.



A strong marketing strategy utilizes several types of email communications. Some drive customers to sign up for your event, other emails follow up with registrants, some are simply for education and engagement.


SYNPRACTIC emails are already written and updated with your business and event information, scheduled to send out automatically at set intervals. Manage your email subscribers easily and use SYNPRACTIC subscriber groups to market new campaigns or offers.



Texting is an important part of a complete digital marketing strategy, informing users of upcoming events, or reminding users who registered for events.

SYNPRACTIC will automatically* text people who opt in with relevant information and registration links.

*texting services require a separate fee and are only available in the USA


Powerpoint & Script

Some event campaigns we offer a script and presentation to use for certain campaigns that work best as a presentation, such as a Live Event or Webinar.


Complete Strategies, Ready To Go!

No other platform comes close to offering a library of complete strategies like SYNPRACTIC. Campaigns are research and data driven, completely ready to launch in just a few simple steps.

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